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Oklahoma and Square Dance

Oklahoma Square Dance Federation - Past Presidents

Guy and Sue Gentry1947-1948
Chad and Ruth Snyder1949-1950
Howard and Peggy Thornton1951-1952
Alan and Vera Sue Miller1953-1954
Adolph and Bobbie Trichler1955
Hugh and Doris McFarline1956
Art and Morma Cosgrave1957-1958
Paul and Bernice Allison1959
Chet and Billie Ferguson1960-1961
Gerald and Jimmie Calhoun1962-1963
Lee and Jeanne Bauer1964
Pete and Ester Hughes1965
RC and Polly Raulston1966
Joe and Liz Martin1967
GW and Evagean Tucker1968
Ralph and Sylvia McDermott1969
Roy and Naomi Drain1970
Arvel and Penny Jones1971
Harry and Laverne Bennett1972
Dick and Joyce Goldsby1973
Harry and Pat Nelson1974
Bob and Margie Watters1975
Richard and Joe Pervin1976
Jack and Betty Culbertson1977
Bob and Etha LeRoy1978
Cliff and Madeline Green1979
Elmer and Jean Marose1980
Sparkey and Jo Cowen1981
Harlon and Flo Ginn1982
Don and Meridith Fudge1983
LJ and Littlebit Paulk1984
Leroy and Lana Nelson Byers1985
Vernon and Lois Schimmels1986
Jim and Mamie Dunn1987
Paul and Wanda Kittredge1988
Elton and Phyllis Ferrell1989
Jerry and Jo Koester1990
Duane and Linda Thorne1991
Fred and Jo Ann Meyers1992
Bob and Ruby Gandall1993
Harry and Pat Nelson1994
Norvell and Mary Dalley1995
Bud and Betty Dyer1996
Max and Louise Courtney1997
Nate and Jayne Bradley1998
Harold and Pat Jenkins1999
Gene and Barbara Morton2000
Dean and Rosemary Lloyd2001
Mark and Gwen Dickson2002
George and Shirley Hazlett2003
Marshall and Becky Hammer2004
Mike and Phyllis Thomason2005
Marvin and Donna Kay Pierce2006
Mike and Myrna Perkins2007
Chuck and Janice Bookout2008
Robert Orman and Billie Davis2009
Jim and Julia Reese2010
Ray and Patricia Mills2011
Ron and Barb Smith2012
Glen and Linda Bray2013
Bill and Molly Guthrie2014
Vernon Willis and Joyce Winfield2015
Jim and Julia Reese2016

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