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1800Westward Expansion - Louisiana Purchase - lots of European Quadrilles and Appalachian foot-stomping dances 
1907Oklahoma Statehood 
1925Henry Ford published "Good Morning" 
1939Lloyd Shaw published "Cowboy Dances" 
1941*** Circle Eight Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1946Jennifer Jones and Gregory Peck star in 'Duel in the Sun' - yet another Motion Picture with Square Dancing. 
1947The Oklahoma Square Dance Federation, Inc was formed 
1948Bob Osgood's Magazine - 'Sets in Order' 
1948*** Norman Silver Spur Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1949'Rosanna McCoy' featuring Joan Evans and Charles Bickford - A motion picture featuring Square Dance. 
1949*** Kalico Kapers Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1950Hedy Lamarr and Ray Milland star in 'Copper Canyon' - A motion picture featuring Square Dancing. 
1950The Diamond Jubilee in Santa Monica, California on July 13 attracted 15,200 dancers and 35,000 spectators. 
1952First National Square Dance Convention in Riverside, California. 
1955Oklahoma host the 4th Annual National Convention. 7644 persons attended.Image of
1955Gordon McCray and Gene Nelson star in Oklahoma - another Motion Picture with Square Dancing. 
1955Jane Powell and Jeff Richards star in 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' - another Motion Picture with Square Dancing. 
1956Jerry Lewis learned to call for 'Pardners'. 
1956Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean stared in 'Giant' which featured Square Dancing. 
1958Americans Square Danced at the USA pavilion at the Brussel World's Fair in July. 
1958*** Fun Timers Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1958The future Queen Elizabeth Square Danced at Ottawa, Canada. 
1960*** Swinging Rebels Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1964*** Single Squares Founded *** 
1965*** Shawnee Square Eights Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1966*** National Cowboy Founded *** 
1969Visit 9 program introduced statewide 
1971Callerlab was formed in February so that callers could communicate with each other. 
1974First Callerlab convention. 
1975*** Spirit of '76 Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1975*** Rushing Stars Square Dance Club was founded ***Image of Club Badge
1976America's 200th Birthday Party featured American Square Dancing. 
1978Oklahoma host another National Convention. 23879 persons attended.Image of
1978The US Postal Service issued 4 stamps to honor American dance: folk, represented by the square dance; ballet ; theater, and modern. Image of
1980*** Heartland Dancers Founded *** 
1981The World's Largest Square Dance occurred in Seattle, Washington on June 27th. This event was featured on television. 
1982Square Dancing was recognized officially as the Folk Dance of America in Washington DC on June 1st on a trial basis until December 31st, 1983. 
1983*** Metro Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1984*** Double Nickle Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1985*** Aristocrats Club Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1987*** Holdenville Boots & Bows Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1987*** Dancing Shadows Founded *** 
1988Oklahoma became the 8th state to name square dance its state folk dance 
1989"Promenade" statue dedicated at State Fair Park, Oklahoma City.Image of
1989Oklahoma host another National Convention. 20572 persons attended.Image of
1990*** Happy Tracks Founded ***Image of Club Badge
1991*** Teacup Chains Founded *** 
2003Oklahoma host another National Convention. 7732 persons attended.Image of
2007*** Centennial Squares Founded ***Image of Club Badge
2009*** Belles and Beaus (Tulsa) Founded *** 
2013Oklahoma host another National Convention. 4185 persons attended.Image of

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