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So you want to be a square dancer or perhaps you are inquirying for someone else? I bet you might have some questions.

During lessons, you will be paired with an "angel" (someone who has had the same lessons you are taking now and has been to a dance or two) to help you with the lessons. You will be in a square with others who are learning and all of you will learn together. You will dance 15 to 20 minutes with 5 to 10 minute breaks in between for the duration of the lesson time.

You will learn the moves and terms associated with the calls used by the caller. You will be square dancing the first night. You will also learn the general rules and etiquette around square dancing.

If you have square danced in the past and would like a refresher, lessons are a great way to review. If you have never been exposed to square dancing, the best place to begin is at the beginning. Everyone has been there, survived and are now dancing machines.

Square dancing is a GREAT activity for couples. However, a partner is not a must. There are dancers available to dance with you.

Here is a listing of the clubs offering lessons. If there is any doubt or questions, please contact the caller. They do not mind a bit and would be glad to speak with you. Good luck...

I found 5 Oklahoma lessons...

Flyer Image for Lessons
Lawton, OklahomaBadge Image for Sill-O-Ette Squares
Sill-O-Ette Squares
Center for Creative Living
3501 SW Elsie Hamm Dr
Lawton, OK 73505
Image of Caller Jerry Stover
Jerry Stover
Phone: (580) 3579368
Cell: None
Email: JDStover@aol.com
Flyer Image for Lessons
Oklahoma City, OklahomaBadge Image for Kalico Kapers
Kalico Kapers
Westside Lions Hall
4135 NW 10th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Image of Caller Jerry Stover
Jerry Stover
Phone: (580) 3579368
Cell: None
Email: JDStover@aol.com
Flyer Image for Lessons
Edmond, OklahomaBadge Image for Teacup Chains
Teacup Chains
Edmond Rankin YMCA
1220 S Rankin St
Edmond, OK 73034
Image of Caller Jeff Holley
Jeff Holley
Phone: (405) 9692170
Cell: (405) 7601087
Email: jeffhcaller@aol.com
Flyer Image for Lessons
Shawnee, OklahomaBadge Image for Shawnee Square Eights
Shawnee Square Eights
Shawnee Senior Citizens Center
10th & Bell
Shawnee, OK 74801
Image of Caller Jim Howard
Jim Howard
Phone: (405) 6917698
Cell: (405) 5700799
Email: jimsqcall@aol.com
Flyer Image for Lessons
Norman, OklahomaBadge Image for Norman Silver Spur
Norman Silver Spur
Irving Recreation Center
125 Vicksburg Ave
Norman, OK 73071
Image of Caller Bob Thomas
Bob Thomas
Phone: (405) 6421832
Cell: (405) 3145112
Email: bob@sdbob.com

Thank you for using this page...we truly hope you found it useful.

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