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Hall of Fame

At the January 8th, 2017 OSDF Meeting, a new program was introduced and approved - the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation Hall of Fame. Their mission is to identify, recognize and honor past and present Square Dance leaders who have made significant, perpetual contributions to the wholesome square dance activity.

Living or deceased, club members, officers, callers, cuers, cloggers, district officers, state/national officers in the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation may nominate and/or be nominated as inductees.

OSDF Hall of Fame 2nd Annual Induction – November 3, 2018

The second Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian Church, 1001 NE 25th Street, Oklahoma City with another huge success. The large, carpeted room was comfortable and seating was plentiful. The event was Saturday morning and scheduled at 10:00 AM.

The event was well attended with more than 100 in attendance. The Inductees were present, and/or had family members present. All attendees received Hall of Fame Ribbons and a writing pen. The Honoree Plaques, made by Mike and Myrna Perkins, were distributed to the honoree or a member of the honoree’s family. Framed certificate, bio and pens were given to the Inductee.

Those honored and inducted into the 2018 (2ND ) OSDF Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony include:

Cecil and Barbara Burton Ponca City, OK Full time Square Dance Caller Nominated by George and Shirley Hazlett , GC

(Max) and Louise Courtney Hobart, OK Square Dance Leaders –Personified Nominated by Wanda Oliver and Bill Guthrie, SC

Jim and Georgianne Cuey Midwest City, OK National Square and RD Cuer Nominated by Ron and Sandy Johnson, C

Richard (Dick) and Loveta Matthys Lawton, OK Square Dance Caller/Entertainer Nominated by Wanda Oliver and Bill Guthrie, SC

(Gerald and Sally McWhirter Oklahoma City, OK Square Dance Caller and Friend Nominated by Don and Jan Gamble, C

Mike and Myrna Perkins Clinton, OK Square Dance Organizer and Leader Nominated by Jim and Ruth Ford, C

OSDF Hall of Fame 1st Annual Induction - November 4, 2017

The first Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was conducted on Saturday, November 4, 2017, 11:00 am – 12:00 noon, Tower Hotel, Salon C. Jim and Ruth Ford, Chairman presided and members of the Hall of Fame Committee were assisted by Julia Reese, Barbara Burton, Don Tatum and Geneva Goad.

Emotions ran high as attendees gathered, greeted friends, current and former Square Dancers, to share memories of 71 years – from 1947 to present. It was a time to reflect on the past and a time to renew acquaintances.

The ceremony was well attended. There were no empty chairs. The attendees were greeted as they arrived and signed in. Each attendee received the blue and gold Hall of Fame ribbon for their badge. And, each attendee received the blue Hall of Fame writing pen.

All seven (7) Inductees were present, OR had family members, in attendance. Each honoree received a Hall of Fame medal on an Olympic multi-color ribbon, a certificate of appreciation, a copy of their commentary and a beautiful handmade, wooden with brass, plaque fashioned by Mike and Myrna Perkins.

The seven (7) Inductees, couples or singles were:

Norvell and Mary Dalley - In attendance, “They’ve done it all, and many times over”, Davis, OK. They are faithful members, leaders and mentors in the sunny side of our state and square dance world. Leaders in support for Southern District and the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation. Established many events open to all dancers and is billed as the Hospitality District in the Federation.

(Guy and Sue Gentry) - 1st Federation President, 1945-46, served 2 years, Civic Leader, Caller. OKC, “A Legend in Our Time.” Represented by son, Rick and Marsha Gentry, OKC.

Ernie and Beulah Haynes – Native American, Colorful, “Caller Extraordinaire”, Claremore, OK. Ernie called for the first time at a NorthEast Distict Round-up in 1961. During his fifty three years they founded several clubs and annual special dances in the Tulsa area. He taught over 2,100 fun-loving folks to square dance. Son, Gene accompanied Ernie and Beulah to the event…very appreciative!

(Pete) and Ester Hughes - In attendance, Past Federation President, NEC, 1978, Moore, OK. Pete and Ester were naturals in the Square Dance World. They served with dignity in every undertaking and endeavor. It was a given that Pete and Ester be chosen as the model for the only life-size statue of a Square Dance couple be Pete and Ester. The Promenade, is a lasting testimony to their leadership in Oklahoma and around the world. Represented by Daughter, Jolene and Gary Skibiki.

Avis Strasner and Loraine Conner - “The Girls” In attendance. (Aunt and Niece), Keyes, OK. “The bright star in the Panhandle Sky” - Records history, starts clubs, hires callers, runs a District.

(Howard and Peggy Thornton) - A natural leader. Dr. Thornton, Professor, MW Travel, MWC, OK Started District, Federation and Nationals Programs. Many in existence today. Represented by son, Roy and Darlene Thornton, MWC.

As we reflect on the 1st OSDF Hall of Fame, 2017 Induction Ceremony, we are reminded of the many friendships afforded each of us through our great hobby, Square Dancing. We say, “Thank you committee, honorees and attendees.”

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