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Thanks for your interest in Square Dancing. The Federation is here for all Square Dancers, as well as interested visitors. Oklahoma is home to the most friendly people that will help you learn about Square Dancing and answer questions about our Modern Square Dancing. We like to think of our hobby as one of the best low profile exercise you can find, while still having a lot of fun. It is walking in time with the music while being instructed by friendly callers. Our hobby can include Round Dancing, Contra Dancing, Line Dancing and Country Western Dancing, as well as, all levels of Square Dancing to keep you challenged. On the following pages you will be able to find out about the Federation and how square dancing was organized in the State of Oklahoma. Our current officers are listed and how to contact them for any questions you may have about Square Dancing. If you need more information about a particular District check out our section on the Districts of Oklahoma. Click on the Calendar for upcoming events in the areas. Interested in our newsletter - it is the Sashay. Most of all have fun while you are here in Oklahoma, and remember to
" Keep Square Dancing Alive in Oklahoma".

Jim & Julia Reese
2016 President
Jim & Julia Reese
Square Dance Association of Green Country
(918) 865-2846

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The Purpose of the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation, Inc.

The Oklahoma Square Dance Federation, Inc. was originally formed in 1947 with the following purpose:
1. To promote Square and Round Dancing as a recreational activity of the highest standard.

2. To provide for Member District Associations promotional and organizational assistance with regard to new or existing clubs within their area.

3. Encourage, support and assist the Member District Associations in their efforts toward development and advancement of leadership in the various phases of Square and Round Dancing activities such as club management, promotional activities, callers, instructors, musicians, etc.

4. Promote and have active charge of an Annual Oklahoma Festival.

5. To Maintain communication between Member District Associations with regard to information of Square and Round Dance activities within the association.

6. Encourage the Member District Associations to police and prohibit alcoholic beverages at any function within their districts. Use of alcoholic beverages at any Oklahoma Federation function shall be prohibited.

7. To operate as a Non-Profit Association.

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To contact us:
Jim & Julia Reese