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Oklahoma Square Dance Federation

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You might have and not even known it. The Oklahoma Square Dance Federation (OSDF) is bigger than the entire State! In addition to all the Clubs in Oklahoma, the OSDF includes clubs in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

The organization is layered like an onion whereas Dancers form Clubs...Clubs belong to Districts...and the 9 Oklahoma Districts make-up the Federation - the governing body for all of Oklahoma and member clubs.
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The Oklahoma Square Dance Federation, Inc. was originally formed in 1947 with the following purpose:

To promote Square and Round Dancing as a recreational activity of the highest standard.

To provide for Member District Associations promotional and organizational assistance with regard to new or existing clubs within their area.

Encourage, support and assist the Member District Associations in their efforts toward development and advancement of leadership in the various phases of Square and Round Dancing activities such as club management, promotional activities, callers, instructors, musicians, etc.

Promote and have active charge of an Annual Oklahoma Festival.

To Maintain communication between Member District Associations with regard to information of Square and Round Dance activities within the association.

Encourage the Member District Associations to police and prohibit alcoholic beverages at any function within their districts. Use of alcoholic beverages at any Oklahoma Federation function shall be prohibited.

To operate as a Non-Profit Association.

In addition to their regular duties, the Federation:

Promotes Visit 9 program where each dancer has an opportunity to visit each district and receive a badge dangle. Read more about the Districts and Visit 9...

Sponsors the OSDF State Festival in the fall. Dancers from all over the State attend. BIG Fundraiser for the Federation. Your opportunity to win BIG!!!

Publishes the bi-monthly Statewide Newsletter 'the Sashay'. Issues of the Sashay can be found here.

Maintains a website for the State Federation and the member Districts... Download the OSDF By-laws

The Federation holds the State Festival each November. The 9 districts within the Federation sponsor 30 or so Visit 9 dances annually. The 62 clubs throw 500 or so 'themed' or 'special' dances, including Anniversaries and Graduations, along with about 1300 'regular' dances. Not to mention lessons, fund-raisers and community goodwill - We dance a lot!

There are a bunch of opportunities to 'Kick-up your Heels" in the Sooner State. If you have not had the chance to dance in Oklahoma, read on to find a place, time and level that would suit your needs. The Federation welcomes all dancers and hopes to make your visit enjoyable and memorable.

Dean and Rose Lloyd - Federation President 2020
Dean and Rose Lloyd - Federation President 2020.

The complete listing of the 2019 Executive Board and Appointed Officials

What's Happening...

If you would like a comprehensive listing of ALL (well, a lot of) the upcoming Oklahoma and surrounding area dances... View the Dance list.

Oklahoma Square Dance Districts

The 9 Districts covering about 70,000 square miles of beautiful Oklahoma landscapes, consists of (click any image for more information):

And finally - the 9th District, a Virtual District meaning that it is not tied to any particular geographic area other than Oklahoma - the Oklahoma District

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